About #PortraitsbyRay

Who am I?

Indian by birth, Computer Engineer by Education, IT consultant by Profession and a Photographer at heart. I’m a portrait and fashion photographer, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. I am self taught and pretty early on found out that Portraits and Fashion were the genres of photography that really spoke to me, although I do indulge in streetscape and nature photography once in a while.

How and when did I get into Photography?

As a kid I loved taking pictures. The thought of capturing something I could see onto a piece of paper was an amazing process for me. It was like freezing a moment in time. Since childhood I've been a creative person, I've painted with oil and water colour on canvas. My dad gave me a Nikon point & shoot film camera when I was 12, which fuelled my passion. But the time when I really got hooked was when I got my hands on a 2 Megapixel Sony digital camera. The ability to take a picture, instantly see it on the back of the camera and then on a computer was amazing! That's when I started saving money for buying a DSLR and in 2004 i got my first DSLR - the Nikon D70. I haven't looked back since then. I have spent endless hours researching online and everything I've learnt so far on camera, lighting, re-touching etc. is all through researching various photographer's techniques, looking at EXIF data on photographs, reading blogs, looking at BTS videos, following tags on Instagram etc.


What does Photography mean for me?

It's a form of self expression and a creative outlet for me. After a busy week, I really look forward to using photography to turn off the consulting side of me and turn on the creative side. Its an amazing stress buster. Whats I get to meet and interact with a lot of great people regularly. I’ve made some amazing connects and friends through photography.


Style of Photography?

I mainly shoot Portraits and Fashion. When I started out, I used to shoot a lot of natural light at first. Now I use a mix of strobes and ambient light and I’ve shot in the studio as well. It all depends on the look I’m going for. If its artistic, tells a story, needs an atmosphere to it, I would prefer to shoot outside, on location. If its fashion, beauty, catalogues etc. then I prefer to shoot in a studio. If someone were to ask me what is the style that inspires me the most then I would say environmental portraits. I love to be able to portray the real inner self of my subjects.



My style of photography is heavily influenced by the following key photographers:

  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Martin Schoeller
  • Joey L
  • Jason Bell
  • Mario Testino


Studio or location?

I shoot wherever the picture demands. I have a full mobile kit and can shoot anywhere I like to. Although given a choice, I prefer shooting on location.