Congruence of old and new

I shot this picture a while back when I was out and about Colaba and shooting scenes from south Mumbai. I didn't post this picture up, as I wanted to take time out and write about why I took this picture and therefore didn't want to put this up in a hurry.

This picture has several meanings for me:

The first is about how life moves on - The old is augmented by the new - just like us, we grow old, our children grow-up, the same way as we grew up in front of our parents.

The second meaning is ofcourse the resilience of Mumbai as a city and its people. The Taj (and this particular property) is a symbol of Mumbai, a symbol of modern India...a bunch of terrorists tried to deface this very icon of the city and were rightly stopped from doing so. But then the world is not a place for hatred - its a place for amicable coexistance in a way that we benefit from each other - from society - thats whole basis of the human race...The pigeon in the picture symbolizes two things for me - the fact that we are a peaceful nation and believe in amicable coexistence with the world.

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